We offer a unique hairdressing experience. And it’s unique in two ways. The first is that all cutting, colouring and styling is executed through our own Vitruvian technique that uses concepts like the Golden Ratio of body proportions to determine ideal cutting lines and colouring sections. And the second is our relaxed approach. We’d like you to take your time sipping on a fresh coffee while we take ours creating a look tailored specifically to you.

Since relocating to our bigger, brighter space we now accommodate a full range of on-site barbering and gentlemen’s grooming services. All, of course, performed to the same impeccable standard of distinguished detail and finish expected of any appointment at Wyatt. 



As a Trend Analyst I often explore with my look, pushing the boundaries of my own hair to go from one change to another. Not only does Wyatt offer the forward thinking when it comes to hair trends but guide you through the transition with knowledgeable advice with the least amount of damage to your hair and phenomenal aftercare.
— Nicola Cooper, trend analyst

JessE Clegg

Jesse Clegg is a South African singer-songwriter whose three studio albums, When I Wake Up, his 2011 follow up Life on Mars, and his latest, Things Unseen, have made Clegg a platinum-selling success in his home country.


Joe Paine

Joe Paine is a product and furniture designer manufacturing an interesting collection of product under his own name since 2008

"I have been getting my hair did at Wyatt Hair for close on a decade now, and the experience has always been tranquilizing, light and professional. A haircut at Wyatt always puts a spring in ones step."


Candice Hellens

"I have been going to Wyatt Hairdressing for the last 10 years. I am huge advocate of Candice and her team and have never left unhappy. I started a really nervous client who was afraid to take risks, but was quickly inspired and converted. Wyatt’s technical expertise and great bedside manner gave me the courage to be experimental and make radical changes that untimely created the more polished look I have today. A look that I believe has played a big role in cultivating the professional, creative persona I have today as a Creative Director."


The Wyatt Academy offers a unique form of
education and skill development


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