The Wyatt Academy offers a unique form of education and skill development.

At the Academy we teach a syllabus based on our Vitruvian Methodology, which uses the concepts of the Golden Ratio as well as the body’s proportions to map out cutting lines and colouring sections. We offer small, intimate classes across our Cutting Classroom, Colour Classroom, and photographic studio.

The Academy is an advanced school and we only train hairdressers from a qualified level. We do not re-teach haircutting or colouring, we are more a post-graduate hairdressing institute, where your already learned skill can be polished and your individual creative style honed. 

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The courses that we offer...

1-The introduction to Vitruvian Cutting. 
A five day cutting course that will acquaint you with the Vitruvian methodology of haircutting. 

2- An Introduction to Vitruvian colouring
A five day colouring course that will acquaint you with the Vitruvian methodology of hair colouring. 

3- Vitruvian Creative 
A five day cut and color course that will dissect the elements of creativity and perfectly explained balance and proportion. 

4- Wyatt Collection
A three day course that teaches you all the latest trends from the Wyatt Creative team.

5- Competition Mentoring
A five day course that will guide you through the process of preparing for a competition entry. The course includes concept interpretation, fashion, make-up, trend forecasting and ending in a fashion shoot.