The Wyatt Academy offers a unique form of education and skill development.

At the Academy we teach a syllabus based on our Vitruvian Methodology, which uses the concepts of the Golden Ratio as well as the body’s proportions to map out cutting lines and colouring sections. We offer small, intimate classes across our Cutting Classroom, Colour Classroom, and photographic studio.

The Academy is an advanced school and we only train hairdressers from a qualified level. We do not re-teach haircutting or colouring, we are more a post-graduate hairdressing institute, where your already learned skill can be polished and your individual creative style honed. 

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The courses that we offer...


two day theory course

Feeling a little nervous about entering the WSC? I completely understand. Having been in the competition and mentored my own staff, we have three WSC South African winners from our salon :) , let me guide to through the process! 

This course will take to through all the steps that you need to cover, from choosing the right model, concept, time management vs artistic ideals, how to speak to a photographer to get the perfect shot, what make-up will best work with your overall look and how not to overpower your hair with clothing. Choosing the right picture to send in. 

We also go through some stage training, how to speak to the audience, body position on stage and how to maintain your personality.

Who should take this class- anyone wanting to enter the WSC or entire artistic teams wanting to put together shoots

What will I learn- Conceptualizing, model choice, time management, photographic jargon, lighting, make-up, model poses, fashion, stage training. Good vs bad photos. 
Sunday - Monday from 10.00am to 17.00pm

World Style Contest Photoshoot Art Direction with Candice Wyatt-Minter


Do you want to enter the World Style Contest but just feel a little overwhelmed on where to start? We have all the connects for you! From the great professional fashion photographer, who has shot the competition many times before and a make-up artist whom understands how to enhance your haircuts and colour. We bring the team to you.

This four day mentoring and art direction begins weeks before when we work together on model choice and moodboard via email. Once you have secure a model, we choice a date for your shoot.

Our first day together we discuss the principles of design, streamline your moodboard and time manage the creative process for the day of the completion.

We also meet with the stylist and decide on clothing and have a preproduction meeting with the make-up artist to choice the look for the shoot.

Our next two days is pure creativity in our studio, you will work on your model and perfect your look. I will be at your side for any questions and advice.

On our final day together, you will prepare your final hair styling on your model, the clothes arrive, make-up is done and your photographer will create magic behind the camera. Everything will come together effortlessly.

At the end of the day we will do a picture selection and our photographer will lightly retouch the skin and add a filter, never retouching the hair.

Gentleman’s Grooming Course

Sunday - Tuesdays from 10.00am to 17.00

Our three day gentleman's grooming course will acquaint you will the intricacies of grooming. We cover classic beard shaping, natural beard forms and hot towel shaving and moustaches.  Within this course our students will gain the confidence to use the open cut throat razor. Important subjects covered are; a barbers daily preparations,  Different shapes of beards of each facial shape, Where to shave under the chin and why,When should clients rebook and the use of beard oil and homecare.
We offer a grooming start-up kit for those that don’t have all the tools that you would require during the course, including a open cut throat razor, razor blades, shaving soap and beard oil. All for R450.

Barbering Fundermentals

Sunday - Thursday 10.00am to 17.00 pm

This essential advanced barbering course guides you through every aspect of todays mens haircutting. Lead by our industry’s top mens hairdresser Guinevere Miller.

Guinevere’s kind yet military approach to teaching will have you creating the most dramatic fades and perfect scissor-over-comb techniques. During your barbering course you will be kept up to date with the latest men’s hairdressing trends.

Interesting subjects that will be taught are the importance of consultation, understanding head shapes and hair forms, adhering to lifestyle, sectioning and proportions, the elasticity of the skin.

This course will be an intensive five days of model demonstrations and hands-on practical.

The course is kept small, not more that five students per teacher.

Understanding Texturizing

Sundays or Mondays from 10.00am to 17.00pm

Did you know that there are 15 classic texturizing techniques using a scissors alone?

Using them in combination with give you and endless methods to achieve any desired effect. Most hairdressers only use two or maybe three techniques to texturizing hair and don't truly understand when to employ each method. During this class each student will lean the specific uses of each method and when to use it. Texturizing for volume, for removing bulk, to encourage hair to curl, to open up tight curls. An emphasis on choosing the correct sectioning for the right hair type and texturizing method.

Students will see three demo models and will work on one mannequin head.

Who should take this class- Hairstylists who have a few years of cutting experience and want to broaden their knowledge and begin cutting on a more academic level.

Master Highlighting

Sunday - Monday from 9.00 am to 17.00pm

With the trends retuning back to highlighting, this course will guide you though nine specific highlighting techniques that will suit every colour situation. With solutions for faster services, colour corrections and docket builders. This class will teach you highlighting methods that will create the most natural illusions even on the darker bases. We start from a classic technique, "Right-Lights", then continue our journey to "Fast-lights", a quicker full head highlighting service. We go more in depth with colour correcting methods and finish off with " glow-lights", a sun bleached natural effect that can increase your docket average. During the class students will also learn the correct choice of bleach and ratio of each scenario, how to tone and " breaking the base”.

Students will see six demo models and work on two mannequin head during this class.

Who should take this class- This class is aimed at Colourists. It is for Colourists wanting to improve their highlighting knowledge and generate a greater turnover

What do you learn- Nine highlighting techniques, the theory of bleaching, toning and base breaking.

The Principles of Design

Sundays or Mondays from 10.00am to 17.00pm

The Principles of Design is a theory class that evolves the creative elements used by artists. These elements; balance, rhythm, repetition, proportion, contrast, shading and movement are explained in depth and related back to hair. The proportions of the face and body are mapped out and the students very quickly become artists and are able to draw a perfectly balanced face. Once the students understand the priciples of design and can put these elements into an hairdressing context they are prepared for creating the ultimate beauty ideals and correcting any facial flaws. 

Who should take this class- Any hairdresser wanting to improve their everyday salon skills. Hairdressers wanting to learn how to strike the right balance between artistic work and beauty. Both for Stylists and Colourists

What do you learn- The correct placement for lines/ length according to the facial features. The importance of colour  placement and its fundamentals.